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Have you ever felt the thrill of going fast and turning left? The adrenaline rush? The absolute exhilaration of bumper to bumper racing? That's what 1/2 scale racing is all about at an affordable price. Many of us have at one time or another wished we could be owning or driving a race car, but then reality sets in and you remember it cost lots of money....right? 1/2 scale racing is your wish come true!
The cars are 1/2 scale replica's of NASCAR Winston Cup cars. Don't be confused these cars are not glorified go carts they are fully suspended, fully configurable stock cars. They are just 1/2 the size and hundreds of times less expensive to race. The cars powerplant is a blueprinted Honda GX 390 4 stroke motor that generate 18+ horsepower. Speeds in excess of 100 mph can be obtained on some of the larger 1/2 mile tracks. 
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